Thursday, April 24, 2008

This slick and tasty looking site is a foody's heaven. It's a multimedia feast crammed with audio, video, photos, blogs - and of course the obligatory community forum.

The recipes and party tips, cooking guides, primers and equipment reviews are aimed at a younger audience, which means the style and language of the presentation are much fresher than a lot of other sites of this nature.

Articles cover food, food culture and food trends - and of course there are lots of delicious recipes for you to get your teeth into, many of them submitted by visitors to the site.

But for me the section of this site that really sings is the videos section. As well as lots of How To movies and cooking guides, there are interviews and features with people who are passionate about food.

Check out the wedding cake artist under the obsessives section. Simply stunning.

I have to say, thought, that the streaming was more than a little clunky on a lower powered PC. Definitely not a place for narrowband surfers to hang out.